Wednesday 18 November 2015

What’s on YOUR Workdesk? Wednesday #337

Morning Deskers!!

Another month has flown by. Only 5 working days now till I finish work. Yay. To be honest, I’m wondering how much difference it will really make – but I guess it’s all about having no commitments. Yeah, that’ll be the day!!

As the dates for my release and all things Christmassy approach, I am busy setting up my online shop on Etsy, creating an FB page etc as well as making things to go in it and to sell at  each of the small craft fairs I am involved in over the next few weeks. The technical stuff has been tediously slow for a bear of little brain like me, but I think I have managed most of it and I’m going to start posting things today. (So I will expect you all to like and share of course!) Here’s my WOYWW photo.


But what actually is that on my workdesk? IMG_1865 (Edited)

Well, along with all the above I have been thinking about improving my photography and considering buying or making a lightbox – the light was so appalling here on Tuesday I decided action needed to be taken and I had the idea of improvising with one of the dining chairs I use in my craft room. I turned it upside down so the legs made a ‘cube’. I used an old sheet to make the side and back and because the chair was on my table the daylight lamp fitted right over it. Not the most elegant of solutions, and the first few photos had a few wrinkles in the fabric which annoyed me so I found some wallpaper and that seemed to improve things.

However nothing bulky to store and I’ll probably refine the design by cutting a piece of fabric to size and think of some way to hook it over the legs easily – this involved hatpins! - but that’s a job that can wait for now.

Do you think it has improved my photographs?

IMG_1866 (Edited)

So why am I telling you all this?

Because it’s Wednesday and this is the day we snoop at desks all over the world – if you want to find out more or how to join in then hop on over here.

Hope to see you next week but we have more hospital appointments scheduled for next Weds so might not be around – for those who know mum has been poorly she is almost back to her old self  and celebrated her 83rd birthday last week.

Happy WOYWW!!

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