Wednesday 29 August 2018

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday? WOYWW#482

It is Wednesday isn't it? These Bank Holidays play havoc with my timeline. Anyhow, here's my desk this week.

To explain, we are having (yet) more work done which required rummaging around and moving stuff. Found this pretty large mosaic under my bed. Probably been there at least 10 years. Finally decided to finish it off. It was going to go outside but can't be bothered faffing around getting a piece of marine ply cut to size (that'll be another 10 years) so just gonna go for it onto a bit of bog standard  MDF I have lying around. As you can possibly see it's lost a few bits and although I have extra tiles I can't find my nippers. (Also no longer sure I have the strength to use them). So a little bit of improvisation may be required. So that's the project. Watch this space!!

Why am I telling you this? And what is WOYWW? Well, this is our weekly cruise around the work desks of the great and good, checking out what's new and what peeps are up to. Hosted by the lovely Julia of Stamping Ground. Hop on over and check it out. Join in. We don't bite. Happy Wednesday.

Sunday 12 August 2018

The Kraft Project

I have had another blog for a while, supposedly to showcase my cards etc from a slightly business viewpoint - to be honest I'm not sure that it is very different to this one and suffers from about the same amount of neglect!! But there is probably some musing I would do here on my personal blog rather than there.

However, given that I haven't yet worked out how to post to two blogs, I'm adding a link here
Today I am blogging some work with alcohol inks. 

Wednesday 8 August 2018

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday #479

Popping in. Been consistently AWOL again for weeks.

All current commitments met. Feeling organised (it'll never last). Empty desk as have tidied prior to playtime - and look what I have to play with!!

Recent news, I have become a docrafts demonstrator, so  that has kept me busy.

Also still doing my craft club and workshops.

Here's what we made last Saturday.
Great fun.

Why am I telling you this? Well it's Wednesday, a day for a quick look at the desks of the great and the good. Hosted by the lovely Julia, at The Stamping Ground. Pop on over and check it out.

Happy Wednesday.

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday WOYWW#765

  Morning deskers, welcome to our weekly Wednesday Blog Hop - WOYWW. Here's the link to the one responsible, the lovely   Julia at Stamp...