Wednesday 18 May 2022

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #676

I'm back!! and just in time it seems to join in with the 13th anniversary celebrations. When I consider how often I don't make it here for whatever reason it makes me realise what a huge commitment this has been for you Julia over the years. Bravo. Sorry for being AWOL, Wednesday has just not been a day-at-home day for weeks. 2 holidays, 2 days out, a funeral, a wedding, internet down - you name it it's been happening and preventing me from taking part. (Advance warning: off again next Wednesday so no guarantees...)

I received a WOYWW13 ATC yesterday from Jan (Thank you my lovely) which of course sent me into a frenzy of catch up and activity. My desk isn't very exciting at the mo as I've just finished another commission but I've got this far.... 

so let me know if you want an ATC as I plan to have a few ready to go by the end of the day - I have postage stamps and everything!!

Craftiing has been on a bit of a back burner as  I have been so busy but I did finish the card using the teddy's I showcased in March - has it really been that long? This card is huge but I love it.

So, I shall enjoy desk hopping and doing a bit of  me crafting today to celebrate re-connecting with my WOYWW buddies. Super excited to hear about the planned crop - now, to see if I can make that happen. 

So, why am I showing you my desk? Well it's our weekly Wednesday Blog Hop - WOYWW. Here's the link to the one responsible, the lovely Julia at Stamping Ground - pop on over and join in, see what it's all about and have a go yourself. 

Have a great week, stay well, stay safe, stay connected!! love n hugs Cindy xx

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