Sunday 30 May 2010

Card Catch Up...

well I have been very remiss at blogging - been very busy, though I am not quite sure doing what!!

The little free time I have had I have been mainly making cards as I had some requests for thank you cards, new home cards and also Flower Fairies - I always end up back at card making, which was how I got in to paper crafts, as I find it very relaxing and once I'm in the groove I find it hard to stop. Still never seem to have just the right card to send someone though!! These are just a few of my favourites from this batch.

Do seem to have spent a lot of time cajoling youngest (without much success it has to be admitted) to do some revision and making sure he gets up, eats, and gets to his exams. Still half term this week so he doesn't have to be anywhere.

Oh and I did go and see the gorgeous David Essex in his latest show 'All the fun of the fair' it was really good. Can you believe our ticket deal (with SAGA lol) gave us the chance to stay behind and meet him and we forgot?(Too fixated on getting to the loo as usual) doh.

Anyhow hope you all have a great Bank Holdiay whatever you are doing. We're hoping for a dry day and a BBQ as all the family are coming over. If it's wet it'll be spag bol all round!! See you tomorrow for the draw.

Thursday 13 May 2010

My oh My, the May giveaway is HERE!!

Well another week that just flew by - and it really has been a week since I have been in this craft room!! So much so, I nearly couldn't remember where I'd put the giveaway for this month which I finished before going away for a few days. (Although regular readers will know I misplace quite a LOT of things.... and I'm such a tidy crafter....)

As some of you know, I have a slight stamp addiction (!) and I have quite a few stamps I've bought that have never seen ink, never mind daylight. At one point last year every other challenge seemed to have something to do with 'time' and I really struggled because I didn't have the right stamps (I sense a bit of rationalisation coming on). Then came the shopping trip to AP last September and I returned home with nothing BUT time stamps!! So, I thought it was about time (lol) I actually used some of them on a project and decided to do an altered board book. The main stamps I used are from a Paper Artsy plate.

I took some inspiration from two projects I had seen in Craft stamper but then kind of wandered off down my own tortuous route using book text, acrylics, inks, masks, pencils and of course stamps to create the finished project. The little panels on the back were made from pieces of fused angelina fibre and film left over from another project. I ironed them (again) over an inked stamp to get the clock impressions.

I have done another similar project in tandem to keep for myself but it is nowhere near finished yet so that will have to be the subject of another post. Meanwhile, if you would like to be included in the draw to win this little altered 'book' please leave a comment on this post to that effect. I really really really will try and come and look at your blogs this month - I apologise for being very bad lately, it is just a question of time. Closing date will be Monday 31st at 8.00 pm.

Thursday 6 May 2010

Just a bit of this n that......

Not got much done this week, just a couple of ATCs for a swap. Still doing the whole bleach technique thing - after using it on white card that I had coloured myself with inks, re-read the instructions and realised I was supposed to use the bleach to take the colour out of dark card - doh. So did a couple like that as well but I think I prefer the other way, you can get more variety in the shading.

I also FINALLY got it together to finish my next page in the alphabet journal - unfortunately Z doesn't mean it's finished as the pages are in a random order. I really don't know why I got so stuck on this one but at least it's done. Can you tell I'm not that happy with it?? lol. Must go and work through those Teesha Moore tutorials I think...

May giveaway will be uploaded next week as I'm off for a girly weekend with a friend of mine from school - we've known each other a LONG time!!

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