Wednesday 31 January 2024

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday WOYWW#765

 Morning deskers, welcome to our weekly Wednesday Blog Hop - WOYWW. Here's the link to the one responsible, the lovely Julia at Stamping Ground - pop on over and join in, see what it's all about and join in yourself.

Hi! Been AWOL again. Sometimes I feel like a bemused participant in my own life, it just seems to carry on around me......Well, that's January done and I'm on countdown to 3 weeks in the Canaries, Sahara dust or no Sahara dust. Here's the desk.

Awful photography this week. Helen will be rolling her eyes.  I went to my new craft club on Tuesday afternoon and forgot to take my project folder. Duh, kind of essential. But it didn't matter because the lady who runs it brought out three huge bags of craft stuff and said help yourself for a donation. Oh my I could not stop helping myself!! The stuff on the desk is part of it - I am taking that to my craft club on Friday to see if they want anything as she needs to get rid of it. So many stamps!! The usual thing, an elderly lady who can no longer craft but forgot to stop buying (I do realise I could be talking about  myself here).

Not done much crafting this week as I have been pretty busy with entertaining, the theatre, an exhibition and of course babysitting little Lionel. It's not letting up either as I have hubby's birthday Thursday, family over at the w/e, my own craft club on Friday, a pub night and then sometime on Monday I have to pack before leaving at silly o'clock to go on holiday. 

I am trying to finish this today for a swap - not entirely sure where it's going, I feel I'm mixing my metaphors a bit never mind my media. Think I'll brave the lace drawer next. Anyway that's all for now, can't wait to catch up with you all.

Love n hugs, Cindyxx


Lynnecrafts said...

That’s a beautiful card, Cindy. You must be excited about your holiday.
Take care and happy WOYWW
Lynnecrafts 11 xx

Neet said...

Who cares about crafting when there are three weeks in the Canaries ahead. Well I would probably not be saying that if i was up and able to craft. But three weeks! Yikes, that sounds like bliss to me Cindy. Hope it all goes to plan and you are ready and packed without too much stress.
Nice haul from the lady - afraid this is the problem with us crafters. I've had two craft rooms to get rid of in the past year. I really should stop buying but here I am leg in the air and still ordering Lavinia stamps.
That heart is lovely and I like it as it stands, hope we see it with the lace added.
Sounds as if you have had a busy week and your hubby is the third one I have read as having just had a birthday.
Oh Lionel time ...
Have a good day/week Hugs, Neet 8 xx

Helen said...

I wouldn't dream of rolling my eyes lol. 3 weeks away sounds fabulous, is there room in your case? Although I think my passport has just run out ...guess that means I'll have to stay here working then. Happy woyww Helen #1

Julia Dunnit said...

Gosh Cindy, I'll take Sahara dust over house dust anytime...find a windbreak and settle in...lovely! What a score from the craft club lady...I did laugh when you say you might be describing yourself, but really you aren' really aren't, I mean, you're still using the stuff when you can find time, huh! Happy Birthday to your man, am sure you'll find time to fling some undies in a suitcase .... don't see you getting much sleep if you're doing the silly o clock start. We do it too, always worth it, keep reminding yourself!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I love that heart piece at the end but you did make me laugh saying you were braving the lace drawer!! How much do you have??! It sounds as if you helped that lady by taking a few items from the stash, it’s a tough job to do when someone’s craft cave needs moving on. Hooray for an incoming holiday, it sounds fun, dust or no dust!!
Hugs LLJ 6 xxx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Craft clubs, there's always someone at ours with stuff they want to sell or give away, pleased you enjoyed it. It's so good to be able to craft with others who are like minded. Wish I was coming with you which reminds me we need to renew our passports. Wishing you a very happy woyww. Hugs Angela x12x

Annie said...

What a fab lot of stash….I’m sure you will put it all to good use. Have a wonderful holiday.
Annie x #9

BJ said...

Oh Cindy, you seem to be in a right pickle of sorts, but the heart is super really and hope the foray into the lace drawer goes to plan. Super collection of stash for the donation... Hugs BJ#07

Lindart said...

Wow! That's quite a winfall you've got! How exciting to look forward to a lovely trip to the Canaries! And 3 weeks! Wow, lovely! Hope you send us pics so we can drool at our desks! The heart is very nice, I like how it looks so far! Have a great first week of February! Lindart #18

Chana Malkah said...

You do have quite a bit going on! I love your heart project! You grabbed a lot of great stash stuff!

Good luck with the B'day party and all your other activities!

Chana Malkah, WOYWW #19

Sarah Brennan said...

I recognise quite a few of those stamps CIndy - the lady must have been a Clarity fan. Love the heart at the end. Enjoy your holiday too. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #2

Twiglet said...

That little heart is a lovely creation. I love the way you create these little works of art. x x Jo

Anonymous said...

I love the look of the stamp on the far left - do we get a close up?? Looking forward to seeing the heart all finished because its wonderful so far. Lisa-Jane #10

Crafting With Jack said...

Your heart project is looking lovely. What a lovely collection of craft items, a surprise like that is wonderful. Happy WOYWW. Angela #14

Kyla said...

ooh I love the phrase of being a bemused participant in your own life, I SO know what you mean. Ah, the "donations only" at a craft get together - must admit dont think I have ever come away empty handed, lol!. Hope you have a fab holiday too
thanks for visiting my desk already

Mary Anne said...

Oh that heart is lovely! I too have a lace...not drawer, but sack, compliments of my MIL. It's stuffed! Hope you enjoyed your party - OMG! So late for WOYWW. AGAIN.
Mary Anne (4)

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