Wednesday 6 December 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday # 757

 Morning deskers, welcome to our weekly Wednesday Blog Hop - WOYWW. Here's the link to the one responsible, the lovely Julia at Stamping Ground - pop on over and join in, see what it's all about and join in yourself.

Here's my desk this week.

I am prepping for a class on Friday, a really simple card idea pinched from Lou Collin's 5 minute makes series and using up scraps, my favourite kind of project. I  enjoyed cutting up all this colourful card on a grey afternoon (yesterday).

Sorry I missed last week, emergency babysitting and still prepping for my craft fair and then my birthday weekend meant it seemed sensible to skip a week rather than not get round. I did very well at the fair but only sold a few 50p cards from my box of ones I don't like and those I realise I have had for over 3 years........ People still love a bargain it would seem!! (My cards are NOT expensive!!) Still, gotta know your market and  overall this was the best I have ever done at this venue.

The craft fair was in a church hall and was so so so very very cold. I got home around 4 and don't think I stopped shivering till after 6. I should have taken my heated gilet but tbh I forgot all about it until after lunch!! 

Feeling pretty tired and meh this week after all the frivolities. Still haven't got a tree up (not until after my birthday - them's the rules!!) but I do have lots of lunches, coffees and catch ups planned the next couple of weeks so I'm just taking each day as it comes. Have a great week, 

love n hugs Cindy xx

Here's my happy little Splodge, 9 months old this week. How?


Twiglet said...

That little face would cheer anyone up. Your craft fair looks fab. Glad it went well . Definitely need the gilet next time! x x Jo

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Great Lionel pics, he’s such a character! Your stall looked so bright and cheerful, I’m not surprised you did well 🥰. Hope you enjoy all your Christmas lunches etc!
Hugs LLJ 9 xx

Helen said...

At least I was walking at Kew which warmed me up . This week it'll be wet. I'd rather have cold ! Great photo of splodge ! Happy woyww Helen #4

Julia Dunnit said...

Gosh your market table looked fabulous, so glad it went well. I do hate that sort of cold, gets right in your bones. No wonder it took you a couple of hours to start feeling a bit warmer. It’s a long day without heating! Interesting about the 50p cards… I wonder if they didn’t go so well because people thought there was something wrong , bet if you’d priced them normally and stuck em in the normal box they’d have gone, I mean, just because you don’t like them anymore doesn’t mean that someone else won’t! Our tree isn’t up either and now we’re off to Yorkshire till Sunday so it won’t be happening very soon! Not humbug, just time against me ! Living the pics of your happy splodge, what a gift.

Sarah Brennan said...

He is certainly enough to cheer anyone up Cindy. Glad the fayre did well - the stall looks amazing. Clever way to use strips of paper for that card too. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Pleased the market went well though it's never nice being stood around cold bet you'll be better prepared next time but we have had some cold days recently. It's funny isn't it that we think stuff is not good enough and other people love it. I started off okay this morning and then got distracted again! Wishing you a very happy woyww. Hugs Angela x11x

Lynnecrafts said...

Glad your craft fair went well but I know how long it takes to warm up after a cold village hall! Happy belated birthday! Your little boy’s smile would melt anyone’s heart!
tter soon, BJ. I love your Xmas trees and gnome paintings.
Take care, and have a good week
Lynnecrafts 13 xx

Mary Anne said...

Oh I hate standing about in the cold. But great you did your best ever at this market. Truly, selling cards that are taking up space and you don't love yourself for ANY amount of money is a win! Oh and that sweet face too, so happy, it makes me happy to see the sunniest smile I've seen in a while. Beautiful!
Happy (late) WOYWW!
Mary Anne (7)

Lindart said...

Isn't he adorable!! What a happy little smile! Your craft table looks awesome. I'm surprised people don't buy more cards, since the "store bought" cards are so expensive! $7CAD for one little card, NOT handmade! But I'm glad things went well, despite the bone chilling cold! Lindart #19 PS: Happy Birthday!

Neet said...

I have never been bothered about not being a gran but your little one makes me feel sort of broody. He is just so adorable. I wish I lived closer so you could let me see him. That smile could launch a thousand anythings.
Sorry about the stall - well, I take it it was ok but the cards, so disappointing. I get so angry when people think it is a cheap option to make your own cards and not to pay enough to cover the expenses never mind the time if you sell them. Glad you got warm eventually, don't forget the heated gilet next time. Must look those up.
Take care my lovely
Hugs, Neet 12 xx

Crafting With Jack said...

Glad your craft day went well, shame about the cold. Really like those colourful stripes. For three days I have telling myself to write the Christmas cards. Tomorrow for definite!! Happy WOYWW. Angela #14

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